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Woodsy's Poem

A place of space


it's all about opening space,

opening windows

and trap doors

and floors...

secret passages full of thingywotsits.


it's all about making new rooms...

kettles and couches

and pebbles and shores -

the half-seen unfolding of the soul.


your truth is the space between the lines...

Opening the space behind your eyes,

flavouring words

with the things you can see.

Harvesting the seas inside your ears,

flavouring worlds

with their tide-lights and tales -

hearing the lightning of storm clouds and whales.


it's all about shelf space,

and fridge space

and food for the week...

chill space

and play space

and think space

and be space...

doors into doors...

place into place...

Sometimes you're all about stories.

Sometimes you're all about healings.

Sometimes, your all -

it's just all about space.

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