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Our Offers & Events

Make It Happen has a community shop and Place of Contribution (community hub) both situated in the heart of Market Street in Birkenhead for everyone to use.


Pay as you Feel Shop

The shop provides an opportunity to any person to purchase items including clothing, shoes, bags, books, CDs, DVDS on a pay as you feel basis. This means that people pay what they feel or what they can afford - in other words a donation for any item, this is to ensure that the experience people have is a dignified one.

Our team members are then able to encourage individuals to remember the shop when they and family are emptying their wardrobes and getting rid of items. Not only does make people feel part of something but no matter where they are in their lives, they also feel they are contributing to the wellbeing of others by giving something back.

If people cannot pay for an item, the team have the option to be flexible with kindness and use discretion to look at the assets and skills of the person. It maybe that they pay in clothing or other items as an exchange, they may put the kettle on and give a few hours of help to be with the team members and enjoy the atmosphere of the shop, do some cleaning or ironing or leaflet drop and this list is not exhaustive.  

On some occasions for example when a local resident has a job interview or funeral and cannot afford a new suit or outfit, we have loaned them on a trust basis and this has been very productive for ongoing relationships with customers. They become lifelong friends of the shop and advocate for the model.

We will also gift clothing to people who are in difficult personal circumstances too as a gesture of good will and again this has been impactful to people and our journey.


Social Supermarket

The Social Supermarket model varies from place to place however on Wirral through Feeding Birkenhead supporting Wirral movement they all maintain a similar approach, social supermarkets are distinct from food banks in that individual pays for their groceries, although at large discounts.

Make It Happen host a 5 star Food Hygiene rated Social Supermarket, where supplies of food and other items are sourced collaboratively and shared to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Through doing this and talking to customers and members of the community it has highlighted that it reduces anxiety relating to multiples choices i.e. pasta as well as the personal anxiety of being in a big supermarket environment.


Nourish to Flourish

Join us to give our town a much deserved refresh by adopting planters and putting them in place, sharing your time, your ideas and more, developing your CV, making new friends and picking up new skills!

We aim to:

  • Increase the awareness of environmental issues

  • Inspire pride in the rich culture and history of Birkenhead

  • Increase social connections and the quality of the local environment

  • Bring back life to our streets, creating opportunities for the community, local organisations and businesses to be a part of the future and development of Birkenhead

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A Place of Contribution

This is based close to Make It Happen, at

34 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, CH41 6AE


In this ‘Place of Contribution’ we will fully develop an inclusive offer to bring people together and build strong relationships through activities and events.


We will connect the many different aspects of our community with each other around common interests. Our new premises activity will be designed to support our community’s recovery from COVID and promote resilience, well-being, friendship and hope. 

A community reference group steer the activity in the Place of Contribution. 


The space is open, vibrant and welcoming with seating, drinks facilities, activity resources, wifi and computer use, wheelchair acessible

Monthly information will come out for the community to see.  

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