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Nourish to Flourish

Welcome to Nourish to Flourish at Make It Happen.

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What it is:

Birkenhead was once a thriving commercial centre with Hamilton Square as an architectural feature. Now it is dilapidated and features in the highest deprived neighbourhoods in the UK.


There is no community capital. People feel socially isolated, lacking confidence, self-belief, skills and have poor health and low incomes but are resilient and hopeful. 

As a well-positioned Community Anchor Organisation, we felt there was an opportunity to bridge a gap and apply an asset-based approach to assisting the people of Birkenhead to have a voice, meet up regularly and get involved in making the area look and feel better and have ownership in doing so. 

What it is

How we're funded

Make It Happen was successful in a People's Health Trust Grant for two years, this has enabled us to employ a team to spearhead this piece of work, alongside funding to provide planters and have regular meetings as well as grow and build their own assets and skills. 

Who we are

Desired impact

  • We intend to have a cleaner and more attractive town, getting local businesses involved to introduce and embed more creative upcycling and recycling attitudes in the community 

  • Develop the skills of volunteers to become positive citizens of Birkenhead 

  • Be involved in the regeneration programme of Birkenhead 

Desired impact

Get involved

We welcome any member of the community or local business to come along and get involved. 


There is a regular Tuesday slot in our Place of Contribution - 10am onwards.

However, if you have a particular idea or would like to be more hands on with the project, please contact us on 07458301802 or email

Get involved
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