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Weekly Round Up - 12th September

On Monday at the LGBTQIA+ Safe Space we screened an 80s classic in our search for LGBT+ Representation through out the history of film and pop culture - FAME, we had several people in attendance who enjoyed the movie going experience in a safe space where LGBT+ rights and representation is at the forefront of our group, and we look forward to doing it all again next week in the 90s, thank you everyone who came in and thank you for helping us create this safe space within the community.

The Creative Corner was a very special session thanks to Wirral Metropolitan College who visited Place of Contribution and got stuck straight into arts and crafts, colouring and games, we had a spread of A3 pages, sequins, glitter, colourful paper and much more, together we created different shapes and put them together which represents how all of our contributions create a community, we can't wait to see you all again, thank you everyone who attended, and well done for everything you created today!

Our regular Men's Group meeting discussed the context of the language used on social media with regards to men.

We covered subjects such as 'All Men' and 'Male Privilege'. It is vital that good men understand the context of these terms and do not feel personally attacked by them. These are important conversations that need to be had in order for us to hopefully come together better as a community and in society as a whole.

We also discussed the self fulfilling prophecy where by if we are told something or tell ourselves something too much, we can actually believe it to be true. We’d like to thank all who attended and participated so openly in the discussion.

Wonderful group CARE sessions once again this week, thanks so much for all of your participation. We started the morning focusing on 'Taking Notice' which is another of our 5 ways to well-being. We discussed lots of different methods of ensuring we are implementing this particular way to well-being, not only in a Make It Happen professional setting but also within our daily lives. Our results have joined last weeks work so we are another step closer to our 5 Ways Wall in Place of Contribution!

During the afternoon, Rob delivered a fabulous Assertiveness session which culminated in the creation of different scenarios that necessitate being assertive and then we had to role-play these scenarios. Everyone got involved and the outcomes were both interesting and inventive!

For our Turkish Breakfast Morning we had Menemen, a Turkish scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers and onion. We also had peppers and olives to snack on with drinks available - tea, coffee, juice with relaxing music and a place to chill and have a chat.

This week we also had our Community of Practice meeting at Tranmere Methodist Church, it was wonderful to have a number of community speakers including Richard from foodbank, Karen from Wirral CVS and Tina from Mencap to name a few.

We also had the privilege of Julie Webster, Director of Public Health Wirral joining us. This gave the COP an opportunity to thank her for her years of service to supporting Wirral in her position in particular throughout Covid. We wish her all the best in her retirement.

If you are a community organisation that would like to come along or talk at the next meeting please contact

MIH Place of Contribution kindly offered a happy space today to Healthwatch Wirral who met with the new NHS CAMHS Care Navigator team from CWP for a session on #Spare5 and importance of public and patient voice to improves services.

Or call 0151 230 8957

Community Cooking was vegetarian day, and with that comes vegetarian sausages and burgers , all cooked by the community and served with an indoor barbecue feel, which means community, laughter and plenty of ketchup, we all got stuck in and had a great meal together, thank you everyone for today, hopefully see you all next week!

At our Saturday Social we had lots of smiles, tea and cake Our community members kindly made a beautiful carrot cake That we all enjoyed around the coffee table with lots of chats and giggles

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