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Weekly Round Up - August 8th

This week started off with us trialling a new PIE DAY on Tuesday (big success by the way!) provided by our gorgeous friends and neighbours at Lunch and Judy which is much appreciated!

Our LGBTQIA+ Safe Space group had a visit from an LGBT+ officer who delivered an amazing talk at Place of Contribution, all about community engagement and crimes of hate, and he talked about his experiences as well as how we could all relate, and told us about some exciting opportunities for the future,

At our Nourish to Flourish session as well as the arts and crafts session (where we discussed making eco bricks) we made huge steps towards improving the local environment. We discussed ideas such as growing fruit and veg we could use at our Community Cooking sessions on a Friday, making seed bombs to disperse around Birkenhead, and talked up composting and how we can reduce food waste around the Wirral.

12 people attended our new Men's Group, and we discussed topics that we might not feel comfortable talking about anywhere else. We shared things that were personal and learned a lot about each other, the great thing about the men's group is that it's a safe space for men to be open and willing to share, whilst learning more about becoming a better person, and we even had pizza!

We had 8 community members attend our brilliant Creative Writing group on Wednesday with the theme of self care to mark International Lazy Day. Some great pieces of work were created and we all learned a lot about each other and, of course, about ourselves.

We had a surprise visit on Friday from Finton from Birkenhead Rotary Club who kindly presented Make It Happen with a £200 cheque to keep up the work we are doing. Thank you so much!

Friday was a big day - we would like to say thank you Clifford Grange for inviting us to their safe space today and making us feel incredibly welcome. We took our team of 12 from Place of Contribution, and we contributed our time towards engaging with the Wirral Methodist Housing Association residents to work together in creating a garden we can all be proud of, whilst learning more about gardening, our team worked hard and we all had a much deserved stew as well as fresh cakes made by the amazing staff and volunteers!

The hospitality and charitable donation of £100 from WMHA is much appreciated won't be forgotten and we look forward to working with you again to Make It Happen!

We ended the week with our Saturday Social group where there was open chat and games were played. Feedback has been extremely positive about the new group. We also discussed possibly future activities and there were some really great ideas - watch this space!

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