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Impact of WRAP during COVID

Over the past couple of weeks our Sustainability Ambassadors have been working diligently to improve the overall experience of Make It Happen for our customers and the wider community, everything from increasing shop space to an entire shop refurbishment.

The increased food storage specifically allowed customers to not only have a wider variety of choice in the food we provide; both fresh and frozen, but also allowed us to store more food on the shop floor itself. During the tough times, the community had relied on Make It Happen for its unique retail shopping experience as a pillar to the wider community that have been there throughout the COVID pandemic.

Within the past couple of months, the increase of food coming in to the shop has increased dramatically, we've had just under 9 tonnes of food come into the shop, that's just over 3 tonnes of food coming in to the shop each month! Additionally, we redistribute our surplus food to help the community with an average of 1 tonne of that food going to elderly peoples homes, supported accommodation, churches and others. This goes towards helping the community during the COVID crisis, people in sheltered accommodation or to people and families who are struggling during this difficult time.

Finally, we would like to thank the community who give us this opportunity and we will continue to Make It Happen!

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