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Halloween Textiles as Treasure

DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas

In line with our Textiles as Treasure ethos, we have compiled a list of DIY costumes for the spooky season that you can create yourself from old textiles.

There are many benefits to creating your own Halloween costume including:

  • It can be cheaper than buying a costume

In fact it can cost nothing or very little to make if you get creative with what you already have

  • It is better for the environment

Most ready-made costumes are made of synthetic materials like polyester, which can take from 20 to 200 years to decompose

  • You will have a unique outfit!

You can guarantee nobody will turn up in the same outfit as you if you’ve made it yourself

Below are links to some brilliant DIY’s for Halloween. You can follow them exactly or use them as inspiration and get creative with your own twists. Either way, if you give them a go send us your photos please, we’d love to see your spooky hand-made costumes!






If you don’t quite have the right thing for your costume why not have a look in Make it Happen’s community shop, most of our clothing is ‘pay what you feel’ and has been donated buy the community. Because buying pre-owned beats buying new!

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