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Guitar Sessions

The Make It Happen guitar group was created for people to try something new. Maybe you'd never played guitar before or maybe you'd been playing for 10 years! Everyone one is at different levels, but everyone is always welcome. Maybe just as a hobby or progressing to something more amazing.

This group is tailored for absolute beginners who have never picked up a guitar before, but even if you've been playing for a number of years, there's always something new to learn.

During the six weeks we will look at every aspect of learning guitar, from how to properly hold a guitar all the way to playing full songs, in complete confidence. At the end of the program you will be playing and also maybe singing along to your songs.

The group is very informal and relaxing in a safe and comfortable setting in our Community Hub at Make It Happen in the heart of Birkenhead.

If you'd like to join us, you need to be booked in. You can do this very easily by contacting Make It Happen either by Phone or by popping into our shop and our staff would be happy to help. All the group sessions are free! Yes free! But a donation to the shop would be very welcome.

Our guitar sessions are held on Thursdays from 2PM for an hour until 3PM. You can find more information about other events happening at Make it Happen on our "Our Offers" page which is regularly updated with all upcoming events.

We have received some great feedback from some participants of the Guitar Sessions:

Feedback from Roxy:

"I have never picked guitar up before and now after few weeks I learned chords and even started to play a song. Brian is a very good teacher and each lesson is so much fun. If it was not Brian I would probably never try to play on guitar."

Statement from Brian

"Yet another great day at the Make it Happen guitar group fantastic to see everyone having fun and getting to know each other. these guys are amazing from never picking up a guitar before to six weeks on and we are learning our second song We are hoping to learn some carols to perform over the Christmas period Remember all guitar groups are free however donations are very welcome to maintain the guitars and replenish the refreshments."

We'll hope to hear from you all very soon!

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