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Going the Extra Mile

Make It Happen have been in the community for over a year now and delivering a pay as you feel model with clothing and offering a Social Supermarket with the support of Neo Community and other partners. In February, following a few months of using the shop, engaging with the team and just feeling better about his wellbeing, 'Customer A' wanted to share his experience:

"I am a person who has struggled with mental health and chose not to go into big shops because of too much choice and variety i.e. pasta shapes. I struggle to make decisions which gives me mega anxiety. So when I came the first time I didn’t know what to expect but after a really lovey helpful reception from staff I found ‘Make It Happen’ just the perfect experience, I ride around on my bike all day and don’t eat and then I come here and it's just easy. I never know what to expect so its a mystery but a good one and always find a meal which I thoroughly enjoy at brilliant prices as well as clothing that just helps me stay warm.

To be honest I won't go anywhere else now and to sum it up I feel the shop and the team provide an holistic approach to the retail experience and its assisting me in managing things in my life I thought where actually a problem but now they are not, hence why Make It Happen is part of my daily lifestyle now."

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