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Food Sampling Sessions

We regret to inform the community that the Food Sampling sessions at Make It Happen will be coming to a close and will no longer continue in the following weeks. Whilst this isn’t an ideal outcome for Make It Happen and our customers, we’d like to thank both Jude and Deb for taking their time out and offering their wonderful food and recipes for the community.

We’ve left some feedback and thoughts from some of the recipients of the event and we aimed out to achieve what he had hoped with this event, for the community to be able to come together, try new things and learn new skills that they hadn’t had beforehand.

“I very much enjoyed the sessions and the food that was available. I thought that the recipe cards were a brilliant idea and I was shocked to find that all the food was fresh and cheap. I’ll definitely be making the Chilli that was offered!”

“When I found out that the Turkey and Meatballs recipe was all made from scratch and yet so simple I took the recipe cards as I had no idea you could create such great food for so cheap. I learned new skills and how to cook nice food with fresh ingredients as well as keeping it cheap.”

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