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Extending Experiences Feedback

The participant, joined the Extending Experience in September. We discussed the variety of different jobs she had done in the past, including her experience in prison. The participant, expressed full time work was not her goal, but is more than willing to do more volunteering and work as it helps with her mental health.

After talking with the participant, we learnt that her current housing situation is not suitable. That she needs help an support with this, as it is a health concern. Together we have set the participant, a new property pool account that she can access easily. To apply for properties that are suitable. We also go through these every week together.

The participant, has agreed to do two days a week at MIH, while doing one day at another charity shop.

We have with the help of the participant managed to secure some counselling, which she will start on the 29th of October.

Her engagement since starting the Extending Experience programme her confidence has grown profoundly, she has so many ideas including marketing for our new Christmas pop up shop. We have seen a great distanced travelled in such a short space of time.

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