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CARE Project

Yesterday was our first day of running our new ‘CARE Project Day’.

Previously sessions have been carried out with volunteers on a one-to-one basis but our new structure is to run a morning session 10am-12pm and an afternoon session 12-2pm.

Sayed, Jamie (two new volunteers) and myself had a very productive morning focussing on asset mapping and focussing on all of the wonderful skills/qualifications and attributes they both already possess, in order to map out a volunteer journey that can build on these wonderful skills.

Then the afternoon session looked at Adaptive Communication with some of our more long-standing volunteers. Not only did we look at the reasons that we adapt our communication but we also had a really positive and useful conversation about professional methods of communication within the workplace.

Michael, one of our volunteers who leads our Creative Writing Group, co-facilitated the session with me and encouraged members of the group to write role plays of a situation (or a previous encounter) of when they have had to adapt their methods of communication. When the role plays were read out, they provided a spring board to a whole plethora of different question and discussions.

Personally, I felt that the coming together of the volunteers in this way was really successful and I thoroughly enjoyed our first CARE project day. I left work yesterday with such a great feeling of job satisfaction and positivity!

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