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Bishop of Birkenhead Right Reverend Keith Sinclair officially open’s ‘Make It Happen’ Community Shop

On Tuesday 4th December 2018, Make It Happen had its official opening, and were privileged to have the Bishop of Birkenhead, Bishop Keith Sinclair who has also agreed to be Patron of Make It Happen there.

He said "giving is what Make It Happen is about and it is something that we all should do. Providing such an amazing community offer is something that comes naturally to the team at Make It Happen".

Sue Elliot, Chair of Forum Housing Association, also gave her blessing and best wishes to Make It Happen. Over 30 friends came to celebrate the opening where they enjoyed food and refreshments and a prayer and ribbon cutting ceremony by Bishop Keith.

The community shop is situated at 72 Market Street and offers recycled clothes under a pay as you feel model this enables people to pay what they can. It also hosts a social supermarket that is supplied with food from partner organisations that intercepts food that would have gone to landfill. This food is sold at massively discounted prices. In addition, one half of the venue hosts a ‘pop up space’ for people to share talents and for people who want a small space to run events from. Already we have Wirral Hair Therapy providing pay as you feel haircuts to the community on Saturdays.

Amy Butterworth, Director of Make It Happen, explained on the evening that the vision of the shop was born from a desire and passion to be more than a retail experience, a place that provides a warm welcome, good bit of laughter, a visit that people can build into their daily or weekly routine. We are always looking for friends who wish to join us on the journey and local partners who may wish to explore the model and how it enables people to have choice, take control and improve their own health and wellbeing.

The shop is open 6 days a week Mon-Fri 9-5pm and Saturdays 9.30-1.30pm.

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