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A Place of Contribution

What is it?

Place of contribution is a national lottery funded vibrant community hub. Acting as a community anchor here to answer the needs, aspirations, ideas and hopes of our community. We will be a platform for community voices to be enabled and heard, feeding into the Birkenhead regeneration plans and the wider agenda within Birkenhead.

How did it come about?

We have been open as a resource to our local community since December 2018, a social supermarket, pay as you feel shop and community hub. Pre covid we had a range of engaging actives running with Make It Happen, we have naturally out grown this space with a growth in community engagement and involvement within activities. Remaining open throughout the pandemic we have conducted customer and community surveys and events to test ideas. We have listened to the stories and testimonials of our community and Place of Contribution is answering the result of the feedback from the community.

How is it funded?

Place of contribution is funded by the National Lottery fund. We have also been supported by Wirral Methodist housing, Birkenhead Rotary club, Journey men and community members.

Who is involved?

Our CEO and co founder Amy Butterworth, Christine Allen co founder and Finance director are the driving force behind the concept bringing Place of contribution to life. The Contribution team include Community Lead Stephanie Hughes, Community Champions Miki Fitzgerald, Charlie Murphy and Mark Webster. Our community and reference group are involved in steering the agenda and the activities that Place of contribution will deliver. The input of the reference group will be pivotal to the ideas, aspirations and dreams that are delivered at POC.

What is the desired impact?

Our desired impact is to become a thriving community meeting point, a community anchor and a place of hope, fun and community driven action. We will bring our contribution to join in and help develop a community who are purposeful about making changes to build and recover from Covid-19. We together will make a difference in the lives of our customers facilitating and encouraging all ideas, hopes and dreams to be fulfilled.

How can you get involved?

We are inclusive of anyone to come along and access activities and service that are delivered from Place of contribution.

To become a member or reference group participant we ask you live within the CH41 postcode and or are a customer of Make It Happen within our database.

Call or email Steph on 07458302051 or call in and speak to a member of our team.

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