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Weekly Round Up - 26th September 2022

Tuesday was the beginning of our fun and educational journey with the Wirral Environmental Network at Place of Contribution, we welcomed Naomi Graham, our very special guest who presented a workshop all about climate change and voluntary opportunities we can all get all involved in.

These help us to take action within our community to reduce the impact climate change has had on our environment, everyone involved asked questions and stuck into the ‘how bad are bananas’ game as seen the picture, where we all lined up the order of items which we believed had the biggest carbon footprint with items such as cars, planes and bananas, we learned so much, and we only hope to learn more through this life long learning so kindly delivered by Naomi, thank you so much!

At the Creative Corner this week we had lots of fun painting stones, crocheting and making cards, our spirit wasn't deterred by the recent changes in weather, we had the heating on with plenty of hot drinks and warm welcomes, we even painted a rainbow, well done everyone who got involved, and we hope to see you all next week!

The sun was shining in blighty this week, so it's fitting we were cooking a good old blighty breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, beans and toast at our breakfast morning!

At Creative Writing this week. Peter, who helps out occasionally with creative ideas, kindly gave the topic, “Life in 100 Words”.

As a group, we supported Peter to lead the session, giving him a sense of responsibility for the afternoon.

Bob wrote an off the cuff poem called, “Life - Gonna Live it My Way”. His ode flowed nicely and rhymed.

Peter wrote, “Treadmill of Life” summing up the realities of life and coming to terms with who he is…

We were very proud of our community members on Friday at Place of Contribution, we had the heating on and music to chill out to, whilst everyone got stuck into making omelettes, with eggs, mushrooms, broccoli, dairy free butter and potatoes.

This week the focus was on IBS and catering for the needs of the many people who suffer with IBS, by raising awareness we can be better equipped with the knowledge of what foods can be beneficial to us

For example, eggs can be an ally for most people with IBS, so try to incorporate them into your diet as tolerated. “Eggs are a powerful, low-carb, protein-packed and nutritious food with good fats that your body needs”

A great bunch of people were with us on Friday at Place of Contribution for our Digital Inclusion session!

We focused once again on the functionality of the Nikon D5200. We also gave Debbie some instruction on how to enhance photos she had taken on her own smart phone.

We also looked at photos from previous weeks we uploaded to our desktop and learned about the editing process of cropping etc…

We all learned a lot from covering what we have gone through so far and everyone went away that bit more informed.

Come along next week, where will be taking portraits, using lighting and shading to get the most of our pictures.

Our doors were open for our weekly Saturday Social. As a community hub, we pride ourselves on being open to everyone and it really is making a difference.

The Saturday Social gives community members a chance to get out and socialise over the weekend when many other services are shut. This week was no different, with a steady flow of community members popping in for a brew and chat. The feedback we receive is fantastic, with one member stating that this session really helps with their loneliness… If you or anyone you know is feeling this way, please tell them about A Place of Contribution. We run sessions all week and are doors are open every Saturday from 10am.

In October, you will see some changes to our schedule at Place of Contribution as we bid farewell to some of our sessions and welcome new ones in their place!

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