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Shape the future of Birkenhead

Here's a little story from today, when Make It Happen visited BirkenEd's Place to help with the judging process for their Photography Competition. With the main theme being Birkenhead, it was lovely to see some of the themes from our own Project Yourself photography sessions reflected in the entries, and some interesting perspectives on Birkenhead as a place to live, work and be! From the windmill on Bidston Hill built in the 1800s and the old green trams, to the Knife Angel placed outside Birkenhead Park last year, the photos covered a variety of views and topics, though you'll have to wait till the awards ceremony at 6pm on the 24th January to find out who won!

As many of you know, Birkenhead is at the heart of several regeneration projects at the moment, and just like our Place of Contribution, BirkenEd's Place on Borough Pavement in the town centre is a great place to get more information about the changes we all want to see happen around us to support our communities wellbeing and growth in the future. More than that, it is a great place to have your voice heard. Make It Happen have been involved in passing on the consultations we have done as part of our Nourish to Flourish project with our wonderful community members, to the regeneration team and other local organisations, and we will also be doing more and more this springtime to bring our environmental and regeneration opportunities together.

As you can see from these pictures there are many interactive ways to get your views across, for any more information about getting involved please pop into our community shop at 72 Market Street, or our Place of Contribution at 34 Argyle Street and ask for Anthony. Hopefully see you soon!

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