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Kickstart Experience

Read about our Kickstart experience here...

"My name is Luke Perry, and I have been on the Kickstart Scheme for four months. I am on a placement at Make It Happen as a Retail Assistant. My role is the day to day running of the shop which includes sorting clothing, supporting volunteers, meeting and building relationships with customers and organising food for the Social Supermarket.

I really enjoy my job at Make It Happen as I get to help my local community.

The best part for me is the customers, and seeing people grow and develop in their lives is rewarding.

The environment is perfect for me personally as I get on with all the staff and we share the same end goals for Make It Happen and we all have a lot of laughs.

I feel my line manager Amy is the reason I am doing so well, she goes above and beyond for everyone and very understanding so thank you Amy."

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