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Impact of Place of Contribution


In 2021 Make it Happen Birkenhead secured Reaching Communities National Lottery funding to develop the ‘Place of Contribution’ (PoC) community hub. Many thanks to Michael at MLR for his brilliant input:

Using virtual and face-to-face workshops in Spring 2022, an initial ‘story of change’ visual was produced before a Theory of Change exercise mapped out how the goal of PoC could be achieved and the steps along the way. Capacity were asked to support Make It Happen, and as a Capacity research associate Michael provided impact expertise and lead on delivery.


A Theory of Change diagram (below) was developed in workshops, to help visualise key outcomes, ‘enablers’ for change, and links to targeted activities.

An outcome questionnaire and User Note provides staff with an MS Forms online tool to measure short and medium term outcomes, whilst an Impact Report outlines next steps for longer term impact planning.


The 'story of change' graphic has been personalised by Make It Happen and used on A2 posters, "one of which is in the window of Place of Contribution - which is starting to bring people in" (Make It Happen staff).

In parallel to visualising and promoting what POC does, this work is helping Make It Happen explain to funders "how we now know how to better demonstrate impact, especially with the questionnaire"

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