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12 Mile Sponsored Walk

On Saturday 11th May, six team members undertook a sponsored walk in aid of Make It Happen. With the fabulous help of a member of our local community, Jim Walsh, we were able to plot a route around the Wirral Coastal path. Jim’s input into the walk, from organising a route to, regular meetings with us beforehand and the nonstop encouragement throughout the walk itself cannot be underestimated. Thank you, Jim.

A group of 5 team members from Make It Happen, Jim and his friend Jo met up at West Kirby railway station at 10:30. Everyone was in a great mood and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, but not too cold. We set off along the coastal path heading towards Hoylake chatting to everyone on the way. We had our first stop at the Lifeboat station there and it started to hit us all how far we were actually walking. But we were still enjoying our time together and remained laughing and joking.

Onwards we walked, following and being encouraged by the fantastic Jim who never let our spirits slump. We walked along the front of Meols and headed to Moreton having our second stop at the Green Hut. The weather was still perfect and we were able to chat with some of the many customers there who were asking about our walk. After a short break we headed towards the Derby Pool restaurant in Wallasey where a member of the Make it Happen team met us with enough food to feed an army. We were so grateful and it was gratefully received. At this point it was approximately half way through the walk and hips, legs and feet were starting to ache.

From the Derby Pool we ventured onto the sand for a bit and headed towards a very busy New Brighton, where we saw a few people who were undertaking similar tasks such as someone who was pulling a truck! We didn’t quite feel as bad when we saw what he was undertaking!

From New Brighton we walked along the front at Egremont towards Seacombe Ferry. At this point the Mersey looked inviting to jump into as feet were really hurting. But we carried on.

At Seacombe we headed away from the coast, inland across the bridge and into Birkenhead. This part was by far the hardest for some and we were struggling.. It felt like forever to get from Seacombe Ferry to Market Street. But we made it. All together and as part of a team. It was fantastic!

The walk started at 10:30 and we reached Make it Happen at 17:30, delirious and sunburnt. We had the best time and everyone agreed that as hard as it was, we were all really pleased to have completed it, all together.

The total raised was an amazing £382 and we are so grateful for everybody who donated.

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