Textiles as Treasure is a brand new project for Make It Happen, running July 2021 to May 2022, with the aim of reducing textile waste as a community by thinking differently about how precious fabrics can be.


The project is funded by MWRA (Merseyside Waste and Recycling Authority) who recycle many different types of household waste across the Liverpool City Region.

About the project

Remaining open during the pandemic and being one of the few places accepting donations throughout, we wanted to expand our Textiles reuse and recycling initiatives.


We were already preventing waste by acting as a collection point for unwanted textiles and redistributing high quality items from our community shop. With Textiles as Treasure we have expanded on the previous methods of waste prevention and in addition are offering Craft and Sewing sessions to up-cycle damaged donations. 


In the sessions we teach practical and creative skills that participants can use going forwards, in a supportive, creative and safe space for everyone involved. We hope that in future instead of a garment going in the bin because it is damaged, participants will be equipped with the tools to mend it themselves, reducing the amount of textile waste that we produce as a wider community.


Session information

The sessions are led by Amy Flynn our Textiles Champion. She is passionate about using creativity in a bid to live more sustainably and has many years experience in fashion, design and craft. 



Wednesday fortnightly 4-6pm


Learn the foundations of machine & hand stitching including appliqué, patchwork and visible mending. Throughout these workshops we will creatively apply these core skills to upcycle and mend clothing that has been donated to Make it Happen giving them a new life! 



Monday fortnightly 12-2pm 


Learn various techniques throughout these workshops such as fabric painting/printing and weaving. We will use these skills to get creative and upcycle old textiles that have been donated to Make it Happen into something totally new! (Eg, wall hangings, drawstring bags)


Get involved

Throughout the sessions we will be applying what we learn to clothing items that have been donated to Make it Happen for the community. The workshops are completely free, but we would like to put the majority of items that we mend or up-cycle in the sessions back into our community shop. We will have a rail in our shop to highlight all of the lovely things mended by the community.

These sessions will run every 2 weeks and there is 6 sessions in total

To get involved volunteering or attending sessions Contact Amy (Textiles Champion) on 07458306347