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WRAP - What was achieved?

You can download the WRAP Booklet:

MIH Wrap Report
Download • 23.35MB

You can also view our storyboard journey:

Our Sustainability Ambassadors have finished their WRAP journey and achieved so much over the period. However, that journey is not over yet as the work produced from this will continue for Make It Happen, as we continue to redistribute food to the local and wider community and intercept more food for our customers and offer an even wider range of variety of food items and stock for the shop.

Over the past six months they have achieved a huge amount when it comes to sustainability and helping and feeding the community throughout the pandemic and beyond. So much so that it simply can't be put into one simple news post!

Go along on the journey with our Sustainability Ambassadors with a helpful booklet that dives into the exciting road of our Ambassadors, and everything they achieved, the impact we've had on the community and our shop, how we'll continue to help and develop moving forward for the future, and what the customers thought about the wonderful work they've been doing and the huge impact it's had on not only our customers, but also the wider community.

We'd like to thank all our lovely contributors throughout the period for the support and that of our customers. We've been able to expand and enhance our experience for customers massively because of this, with the community being the centre of everything we do. Our Sustainability Ambassadors couldn't be happier with the progress we've made and everyone we've been able to support throughout. Bring yourself through the journey of our Ambassadors with this booklet and take a wander down the road of sustainability!

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